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The clean energy industry has been one of Australia’s extraordinary success stories over the past decade and stands ready to lead the economic recovery from COVID-19.

沙巴体育appA Clean Recovery can bring forward the enormous pipeline of wind and solar projects across Australia to:

  • Create over 50,000 new direct jobs - and many more indirect jobs - in the construction of these projects, and an additional 4000 ongoing jobs in operations and maintenance.
  • Triple the amount of large-scale renewable energy installed in Australia. Over 30,000 MW of new capacity would be built, on top of the existing 16,000 MW of renewable energy generation in the National Electricity Market, accelerating Australia’s shift to a grid dominated by clean energy.
  • Drive down power prices and empower energy consumers with rooftop solar and household batteries.
  • Inject $50 billion worth of investment into the Australian economy, particularly in rural and regional areas where these projects are located. This investment would be delivered by investors and allow government to direct scarce taxpayer funding to other essential services and areas.

沙巴体育appThis would deliver a cleaner, more affordable energy system that benefits all Australians and would increase Australia’s international competitiveness, especially in energy intensive industries, leading to further economic and employment benefits.

沙巴体育appThe consequent investment in renewable energy could also allow Australia to become the first large-scale exporter of hydrogen in the world, securing export revenue and jobs for the 21st century.

沙巴体育appThis is an enormous opportunity to transform Australia, forever.

Clean recovery 3

沙巴体育appA Clean Recovery can jumpstart the economy as a result of the following package of initiatives.

Creating jobs, supporting local communities and empowering consumers

  • Develop a national home battery program
  • Support small businesses and new homes to go solar
  • Commit to government and community buildings switching to solar and batteries
  • Commit to 100 per cent renewable energy for government agencies

Building 21st century energy infrastructure

  • Build a 21st century transmission system
  • Build a smart distribution network to accelerate and leverage distributed energy resources (DER)
  • Support investment in large-scale energy storage
  • Build an electric vehicle (EV) charging network
  • Develop the workforce of the future

Accelerating large-scale clean energy investment

  • Facilitate continued investment in large-scale renewable projects
  • Encourage the development of offshore wind energy
  • Prioritise smart market and regulatory reform

Making Australia a clean energy superpower

  • Support major energy customers to secure low cost supply and become globally competitive
  • Establish Australia's renewable hydrogen capacity

A Clean Recovery Forum

On Tuesday 5 May, the Clean Energy Council held a forum with leading political, industry and community representatives to discuss the enormous potential of A Clean Recovery to lead Australia's economic recovery from COVID-19.