CEO Forum – Residential solar and batteries

沙巴体育appThe Clean Energy Council invites you to join us and a panel of experts to discuss the current state and outlook for the Australian rooftop solar and residential storage market.

Date 11 August 2020
Time 10:00am - 12:00pm

沙巴体育appWith more than 2.4 million solar homes and businesses, Australia is leading the world in the installation of rooftop solar and batteries. However, this leadership has brought with it several unique challenges that will require innovative solutions to ensure that rooftop solar and batteries are a key part of Australia’s clean energy transition.

This is your opportunity to join solar and battery industry leaders as they discuss the main issues impacting our industry, including solutions on raising standards and improving compliance to drive rooftop solar expansion further.

This event is only open to the CEOs or senior executives of Clean Energy Council Sponsoring and Corporate members. To upgrade to or enquire about these levels of membership, please visit our membership page.